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Websters Chalk Paint Powder: Reviewed



What a great product Websters Chalk Paint Powder is to have in the workshop! It is an additive that you can mix with any paint to give a lovely chalk finish; it’s great if you want to use your favourite colour but also want the softness of chalk paint.  Lots of my clients like this finish and this is a great way to achieve it for minimal cost in comparison to some premixed chalk paints on the market.  The chalk paint powder is supplied in loose form that you mix with a little water and then add to your paint, as simple as that. Websters provide clear instructions and an informative pamphlet to guide you through the process, step by step, so even if you are a beginner and have never picked up a paintbrush, you will be able to paint with confidence.



I set this product a tough challenge - I had already prepped the piece of furniture to be used for the trial as I had originally planned to do something else with it and also I am a bit of a prep freak! But with chalk paint, as long as you have given the item to be painted a thorough clean, you are good to get wielding your paintbrush without any preparation work. The wood on my piece of furniture was dark and I knew that I might struggle with ‘bleed through’ as I had added Websters Chalk Paint Powder to pure white emulsion (no pressure then!!). I also masked off some areas around the edges and on the relief to create a distressed feel to the piece.


Once the Websters Chalk Paint Powder was added, it made my chosen paint handle like a quality emulsion, smooth and easy to apply and covering really well.   It doesn’t dry out too quickly on the piece you are painting or in the pot as with some other chalk paints. Normally two coats would be fine but I did have to do three because there was minimal bleed through. I loved the fact that when I rubbed it back, due to the thickness of the paint, it gave me an authentic chipped appearance to the edges - a look that is still very much in vogue with my clients.


I spoke to Kara Dudley, who heads up the Regional Sales for the company in the UK, to get a little bit of background history on the product. Her enthusiasm for Websters Chalk Paint Powder was refreshing and she was keen to explain the ethos behind it. I cannot fault them on their customer service, which Kara explained is key to getting the Websters name out there.  Websters was created in 2011 in America and brought to the UK in 2014.  The company’s aim is to provide a product that produces consistent results whatever paint it is used with. It is made from all natural materials and their suppliers in America are committed to supplying products, which are as environmentally friendly, economical and efficient as possible. Websters are a company who uphold responsible environmental management and maintain mutual respect and relationships with local communities. Websters are currently awaiting assessment for the ASTM Green Certification - the American Society for Testing and Materials which is an international standards organisation that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. Because their product is all-natural mineral based, they haven't had a demand for eco certification but have voluntarily begun this application.


The Websters website is also a joy to use - it has lots of facts, information, a blog and some great tutorials on how to get the most out of the product with some helpful tips and advice.  Would I use this product again?  Yes indeed.  It is easy to use, cost effective and gives a lovely finish.


Websters Europe website:

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