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Frenchic Furniture Paint


I am not really a chalk paint fan as I love emulsion because of its versatility, so if a paint of this ilk is to impress me, it had better be pretty good! I'm delighted to tell you that Frenchic Furniture Paint didn't disappoint in any way, shape or form.  I received four sample pots and for my first trial piece I chose Panther, a beautiful dark but soft grey colour together with Pea Soup which looked exactly like the food of the same name that made a wonderful contrast.


I began by sanding down my first piece - the instructions say there is no need to do any prep work but the top of the cabinet I'd chosen had a very glossy varnish finished and I always prep well regardless of the paint as you get a much better finish (read on for my opinion of how it faired on unprepped wood).  The paint went on beautifully and covered really well to a lovely flat finish.  The furniture paint is quite thick however it didn't leave those nasty brush strokes that some chalk paints do.  The Pea Soup paint in particular did a fabulous job of covering the dark brown wood, even on the first coat and if I hadn't had been so conscious of making sure that I had enough for a second coat, I think I could have managed with just one of Panther; the second coat went on like a dream too.  If you want to make the paint go a little further, you can always water the second coat down.

































Frenchic Furniture Paint is an excellent product for first time furniture painter and upcycler as well as for seasoned professionals.  It would be difficult to go wrong with this paint and for the novice, it is a paint that can only increase your confidence as it gives such a great finish.  I spoke with Pam of Frenchic, whose passion and enthusiasm for the company she started in 2014 is almost limitless. The paint has a zero VOC content (which means it is categorised as having under 5 grams per litre of volatile organic compound content)and is solvent free. Frenchic Furniture Paint also bears the InVeNa and the European Union Eco Label and at present is applying to the British Asthma Association for endorsement.  The paint is clearly labelled with a list of the ingredients which make up its contents, something many chalk paint providers do not do. Having been a painter herself for many years she was keen to explain how and why each product has been developed carefully and produced in the way it has been from the brushes with a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres to the wide neck sample pots which enable you to get a fair sized brush into each one. They currently have thirty-five stockists in the UK with many more in the pipeline and the brushes sell worldwide. Frenchic also have a range of other products for sale including wax, finishing coat and an 'eco' primer/sealer which sounds very interesting!  They also have a product called Frensheen which is a natural mineral, metallic finish.


I also tested this product without any prep other than cleaning the surface of my next piece of furniture to remove the dust. The instructions state it will 'work well with practically any surface without the need to prime'. Again, this product covered well and the second coat went on smoothly without dragging. The fingernail scratch test is always a good indication to gauge a paint's adhesion and when buffed there was no loss of paint particlarly around the edges where erosion is often at its most severe. I loved using this product - its ease of use to its eco credentials. My one and only niggle was that the sample pot is only 100ml,  a little on the small size to really be able to trial the product as well as I might have liked.  A 200ml pot would provide a much better idea of what the paint can do.


Frenchic Paint:


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