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I love repurposing; taking an old piece of furniture and creating something new: chair backs into mirrors and the legs into benches, wardrobe doors into bedheads. From an old sideboard, once deconstructed I can use every single piece to craft a multitude of different pieces. The thrill is in the challenge.  Whatever furniture you currently have in your home, it may be possible to reuse and reinvent these items you currently view as outmoded, turning them into completely new and innovative bespoke pieces.


































Bespoke Commissions


Most of the work that I do is on a commission basis, taking the clients furniture and either painting it or making it into something more in keeping with their lifestyle for them to love again.  During the consultation I will discuss the various possibilities that are available with a particular item and once the client has chosen, the piece is whisked away to be transformed.  For larger or fixed pieces, we work on site.  













































Upcycled Interiors


This is such a fantastic concept and works in the same way as a normal interior design project but I try and use as much existing furniture as possible in various ways, tracking down the rest from a variety of sources. After the initial meeting with a client, a mood board is created and once approved the work can begin. We cover all aspects of the interior including walls, window dressings, flooring and lighting, the aim being to provide a complete interior design but at a fraction of what it would cost to buy everything new.
































Personalised Tutorials


These tutorials are personal to each student and developed to cater specifically for their individual skill requirement and skill level.  I believe that if you ensure the basic skills are in place, then there are no stopping clients once they get the bit between their teeth!  I teach students using traditional techniques; they are taught the right way to prepare and paint in whatever style they wishe to learn.  I use a wide variety of mediums but in the main use emulsion paint as the base as I believe this is a better starting point. Clients then have the tools to experiment using different paints, including chalk paint, with more confidence. I also teach how to troubleshoot some of the more common problems they may encounter with older pieces of furniture as well as what to look for when buying. Once the tutorial is over I then supply them with personalised notes on the techniques they have learnt, tips and useful links to suppliers and sources.  Encouraging clients to revitalize existing furniture or saving a piece from landfill gives me a real sense of achievement.