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Welcome to the Reclaimed and Reloved website. My name is Jo and I'm a professional Upcycler, Repurposer, Restorer, Painter, Decorator and Interior Designer.  Over the past twenty years I've worked on such a variety of projects and commissions, I do indeed answer to all of the afore-mentioned titles.  I hope you will look around the website and discover more about my line of work and how I can help transform your home's interiors into the beautifully bespoke.



I am fortunate to live just outside of historic Guildford, in an area surrounded by the outstanding natural splendour of the Surrey Hills.  I have been working in this area for over two decades and have raised my four children here.  I love my job, if you can call it that; for me it is not just my trade, it is my passion.  I began working on interiors back in the 90s with when rag rolling and stencilling were all the rage and since then I have never looked back.  


A few years ago I saw so much furniture being thrown away and replaced by inferior quality pieces that I would often head to the local refuse site to discover what treasures had been discarded; depending on what I found, I would either restore it, returning to a former glory or reinvent it, introducing a new, contemporary personality.  I didn't realise at the time that what I was doing was soon to become the craft of the age and be given a new name: upcycling.  Today many people still throw away  lovely, saveable pieces - it breaks my heart to see them laying at the bottom of a skip. However I am no longer alone in my rescue mission, as I am thankfully now joined by an ever-increasing community of upcyclers. To cater for this trend, I developed personalised tutorials which have become a popular way for novice upcyclers to learn the skills required according to their personal skill level and requirements.


Most of my work is undertaken on a bespoke commission basis be it a client's existing furniture or an item I have sourced on their behalf.  I use a wide variety of techniques from paint and gilding to wood restoration to distressing. I collaborate with some amazing restorers and crafts people including upholsters and artists, to ensure that when a commission is returned to a client it not only looks wonderful, it has longevity.  I regularly write product reviews (see The Review Room page) and my small but trusty team who assist me on a daily basis are a design force to be reckoned with because we don’t just paint it, we re-create it!

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Jo Edge - Professional Upcycler & Upcycled Interior Designer